UP FM applied for 8 research projects

At the end of February, applications for the Call for research projects of the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) were completed. This time, our researchers applied for four projects where they will be project leaders and four where they will be project partners to colleagues in other organizations.

The list of applications to the ARRS Public Call for (co) financing of research projects for 2022 thus includes:

UP FM project leader:
UP FM project partner:
  • "Energy transition through urban experimentation: Agent-based modelling to enhance social and organizational learning.", project leader InnoRenew, for UP FM Full prof. Roberto Biloslavo, PhD.
  • "Coping with the consequences of work-related accidents and occupational diseases in family farms", project leader ZRC SAZU, for UP FM Assist. prof. Patricia Blatnik, PhD.
  • "Making forecasts of tourist flows and demand after the Covid 19 epidemic and diagnosing future shocks", UNM FPUV project leader, for UP FM Full prof. Štefan Bojnec, PhD.
  • "Sustainable blockchain and new related ledger architectures for non-financial segment", UL FRI project leader, for UP FM Full prof. Borut Likar, PhD.
Tuesday, March 1, 2022 | FM | Research

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