We are developing tools for self-evaluation of the research culture and research strategy

Faculty of Management joined forces with partner institutions from Scotland, Germany and Spain in a three year project LAURDS –The Latin American University Research and Doctoral Support, funded by the European Union within the framework of Erasmus +.

The project, led by Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland), aims to raise the quality of research and the required research infrastructure of the academic institutions in Latin America. Latin American universities participating in the project are the Fundacion Universitaria Panamericana and the University of Ibague from Colombia, and the Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua and the University of Louisville from Panama. Objectives of the project include development of management tools to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of research, raising the quality of doctoral studies guided by the principles of the Bologna reforms, and the establishment of a website to support doctoral candidates and their mentors from the Spanish speaking Latin American countries. At the Faculty of Management we are developing and testing tools for self-evaluation of the research culture and research strategy that can be used by all interested Latin American universities and other academic institutions. Developed tools will be also useful for the further development of research culture and research strategy in Slovenian universities and abroad who wish to consider such a step. Beside that researchers at Faculty of Management developed a  methodology for carrying out 20 case studies of research-oriented Latin American university. 



Friday, March 3, 2017 | FM | Research

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