Begining of 2021-2022 Year Welcome from Dean

Dear students,

The day we return to more personal teaching has come. I am glad that we will no longer look at each other in small black squares, without direct contact and with limited communication. Carrying out a live study process brings back almost all the possibilities for quality study experience, but at the same time it requires more individual and social responsibilities from each of us.

As you have seen, we have prepared some mechanisms at the faculty that will enable us to study safely. The intention and commitment of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the University of Primorska, and thus us, is undoubtedly to keep us in the faculty premises for as long as possible, so compliance with the RVT condition, wearing a mask and confirming presence are urgent measures and a small price to pay for a smooth study process. It is up to all of us to respect given limitations, take care of our health on a regular basis and, in the event of illness, act responsibly, withdraw ourself from the group and limit all contact.

However, as you enter the new academic year, you also enter the completely new premises of the UP Faculty of Management. As the first generation of students to write stories in these hallways and lecture halls, I want to inspire you to seek knowledge and develop ideas. The first one is definitely not missing at our faculty and I can tell you without a doubt that anyone you ask will share it with you. Ideas, however, are usually born from the simplest conversations, chats, and unpredictable situations. So be curious and inquisitive. Get down to talking to classmates and chatting with professors.

In the spirit of finding knowledge that inspires you, this year we are once again implementing the renewed program Political Science - International Relations and Economic Diplomacy. This will provide you with more opportunities to continue your studies and find areas that interest you and that you would like to pursue, and I hope that you will join us in this in the future.

Until then, good luck in the current academic year and take care of yourself and everyone around you.


                                                                                                                                Prof. Matjaž Novak, PhD,




Thursday, September 30, 2021 | FM | Education

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