Begining of 2022-2023 Year Welcome from Dean Assoc. Prof. Tatjana Horvat

Dear students!

What pushes us to seek knowledge, new challenges, and higher goals? Our inner strength. Nurture it, do not abandon it. As Dean of the UP Faculty of Management, I have taken my role very seriously, with a hint of caution, which has turned into courage and perseverance. This, dear students, is the inner strength, the impulse that we can do it!

In recent months, we have faced turbulent periods. Despite the easing of the Covid-19 pandemic measures, we are confronted with war, rising commodity prices, and other economic factors that make us feel uncertain, fearful, angry, and frustrated. Now is the time to look ahead, a new academic year is upon you, so step up and look to a greener future full of hope and optimism.

At UP Faculty of Management, we know that you are beginning a journey that is different from any you have experienced before. It is a demanding study path, but be sure that it is an investment in yourself - your personal and career development, which will help you face the challenges. Make the most of the opportunities you have been given. Apply the practical skills acquired during your studies in your fields with creativity and innovation.

We are the only public business faculty in Slovenia offering a wide range of practical skills in Slovenia and abroad, with a focus on management, economics and finance, law, sustainable development, and political science.

Undergraduate students, do not let your desire to upgrade your knowledge leave you, be eager to learn and reach for the Master's degree programmes offered at the UP Faculty of Management. To advance your career, you need the expertise you can gain from studying with us, which teaches you how to react when you encounter a legal obstacle; how to apply your expertise in business; which investments are good and which to avoid; how to solve the most complex challenges of sustainable development and thus contribute to positive social change; and how to cope in today's globalized world in both the political and economic spheres.

As mature Master's students looking to the future, you can share knowledge effectively, as it encourages clear and effective communication not only between your classmates and lecturers, but also in your work and family environment, leading to better teamwork and motivating all participants to work more efficiently, come up with better and more creative ideas, and foster better interpersonal relationships. And you can build on that spirit of research through our renewed third-level Ph.D. programme.

Let the new Faculty building breathe and come alive with you! Be part of our story not only at the first level but also at the second and third. Build your career path with us!


Assoc. Prof. Tatjana Horvat, PhD

Dean UP FM

Friday, September 30, 2022 | FM | Education

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