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In line with the intense epidemiological situation in Slovenia, the frequency of testing is changing. From next week onwards, students will perform self-testing twice a week (generally on Mondays and Wednesdays before first faculty obligations, or on the days of visiting to the faculty).

The course is intended for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the Chinese language, learn the basic everyday vocabulary and phrases, and at the same time get to know the usual life in China, as experienced by locals and foreigners if they spend a long time in this country. The language skills will be enriched by the students with insights into the rich Chinese culture and aspects of everyday life, which will enable them to develop the core skills of intercultural communication skills.

The free university sports recreation organized by Šport UP started in October! In addition to the regular recreation at STŠ Koper and guided exercises in the vicinity of the center, recreation is now also carried out in the center of Koper - a few meters from UP FM premises.

Dear students,

The day we return to more personal teaching has come. I am glad that we will no longer look at each other in small black squares, without direct contact and with limited communication. Carrying out a live study process brings back almost all the possibilities for quality study experience, but at the same time it requires more individual and social responsibilities from each of us.

As you have seen, we have prepared some mechanisms at the faculty that will enable us to study safely. The...

On October 1st everything starts again. New challenges, new expectations, new adventures... That's why we are all going to be with you on this very important day, when you'll step in the new academic year LIVE at our Faculty.

We would like to inform you that all activities of the University are allowed to be performed on the UP premises, taking into account the UP Instructions. So we start the new academic year on October 1st LIVE on the premises of the Faculty.

Today, 20 August 2021, the second application deadline for enrollment in undergraduate study programs in the academic year 2021/2022 for Slovenian citizens and citizens of the European Union begins. Candidates wishing to enroll in undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Management can do so until 27 August 2021.

The following spots are open in the second application period:

Study program

Free spots on full time program  

Free spots on part time program  

Management (UN in Slovenian...

As part of the AIMED project, in which the UP Faculty of Management is also cooperating with other institutions, an online platform is being created that enables students to more easily review the various opportunities offered for international study exchange. The platform is still in the testing phase, but we need the opinion of students to continue its development.

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