Faculty of management is promoting the open education initiative

Faculty of management hosted assoc. prof. Richard West from Brigham Young University in Utah (USA). Professor Richard West has been hosted by assoc. prof. Viktorija Florjančič who represents University of Primorska in the open education initiative. He was accepted by the vice dean assist. prof. Suzana Laporšek and vice dean assist. prof. Elizabeta Zirnstein.

Dr West research work encompasses open education, which is through initiative Opening Up Slovenia reinforcing in Slovenia as well. The Slovenian initiative is engaging all levels of education - from kindergarten to universities.
Within meeting at Faculty of management it has been discussed the possibility of cooperation in teaching and research, as research and teaching areas of dr. West cover the teaching and research areas of professors and researchers at Faculty of management. We also discussed the possibility of cooperation in the editorial board of the international journals published by our Faculty, and cooperation within international scientific conference MIC.
After visiting Faculty of management, dr. West visited also vice-rector at the University, assoc. prof. Boris Kavur.

Thursday, October 27, 2016 | FM | International Cooperation

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