International Cooperation 1/9

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, UPFM hosted a roundtable discussion entitled "Sustainability Reporting: Between Myth and Reality", moderated by prof. Roberto Biloslavo, Programme Director of the Master's Degree Programme in Sustainable Development Management, within the framework of the project "Green, Digital and Inclusive UP (GDI UP)".

The Management International Conference - MIC was held for the 22nd time within the UP Faculty of Management, this time for the first time in the framework of the international week of the European University Transform 4 Europe (t4eu week), which took place this week at the University of Trieste, one of the partners of the European University, of which UP will be a full member from autumn. T4EU week was held on the theme of cross-border cooperation - "cross-boarder Europe", and this kind of joint...

Rural Women’s Empowerment through Green Social Entrepreneurship (WE-GREEN) proposes to foster social green entrepreneurship among women in rural communities through education in the form of practical local programs, which is the main objective of the project. The project aims at bridging the “gap” in the educational system between the need for new green skills and entrepreneurial skills and the lack of adequate educational content for the development of such skills, through an innovative training course...

Two students of the 1st year of the Master's program in Sustainable Development Management took part in the 3-day Green Week International Academy Fellowship program, which aims to explore the topic of sustainability and ecological transition and is designed to offer students a unique opportunity to conduct case studies directly in companies that are Benefit Corporations. In total, 25 students from different countries were selected to participate.

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