International Cooperation 4/11

These days, the Enterprise Europe Network (#EENCanHelp), a network of over 450 centres from more than 40 countries, with around 4000 experienced professionals, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. One of the partners in the Slovenian network of the consortium is the Center for knowledge development and transfer of University of Primorska, based at the UP Faculty of Management. As part of the celebrations, they are also launching the #EENis15 campaign to raise awareness about how small businesses can...

The UP Faculty of Management was proud to host a guest lecturer in the framework of the project GOST UP - Visiting Foreign Experts and Higher Education Teachers at the University of Primorska between 3 and 13 January 2023. Dr. Arne Baruca, Associate Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M University San Antonio was with us.

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