Thematic issue of international research journal Managing Global Transitions

Winter issue (Volume 14, Number 4) of international research journal Managing Global Transitions delivers five selected papers of the MIC 2016 International Conference Managing Global Changes, which are focusing on different determinants of institutional environment and development of business networks in South East Europe.

  • Scenarios of the Oil Industry of Croatia and the Region: Qualitative Approach
    Radoslav Barišić

  • Corporate Governance Quality in Selected Transition Countries
    Danila Djokić and Mojca 

  • Privatization and Optimum-Welfare in an International Cournot Duopoly
    Fernanda A. Ferreira and Flávio Ferreira

  • Prospect Theory Based Portfolio Optimization Problem with Imprecise Forecasts
    Massimiliano Kaucic and Roberto Daris

  • Antecedents of Organizational Complacency: Identifying and Preventing Complacency in theWork Environment
    Abe Harraf, Brandon William Soltwisch, and Kaitlyn Talbott

All papers can be freely accessed on the following website:


Monday, January 16, 2017 | FM | Research

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