We believe that we made the right choice

The decision that we had to make during the last years of our high-school studies wasn’t easy, but we believe that we made the right choice to come and study at the Faculty of Management. 

The amazing city of Koper and its costal location also contributed to our decision. The English program in Management offers diversity as well as a balanced study environment.
We are thrilled that we got to meet people from all over the world and at the same time determine our career aims through the lectures. In the future we hope to achieve our aspirations, contribute to the growth of the faculty and be an inspiration for future students.
In the first quarter of the autumn semester we have lectures in four subjects. One of them is Business Informatics, which includes the following content: businesses in a global environment, information systems and the modern organization, information infrastructure, business informatization, e-commerce, information resources management, different aspects of information society, protecting information resources. Our lecturer is assist. prof. Uros Godnov. For the first task, we had to make a presentation in Prezi, this is an online presentation tool. Have a look of our creation

Text: Anamarija Radojkova


Tuesday, October 25, 2016 | FM | Education

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