Dual Degree Programme in Management

A Dual Degree programme is a combined study programme leading to two degrees from two universities. After successful completion of all programme requirements students receive a degree from Faculty of Management and a degree from a Partner University.

Credits obtained a both universities are mutually aknowledged and recognized resulting in shortening of study time compared to acquiring two separate degrees.


Currently students from University of Applied Sciences Mikkeli (MAMK) in Finland and students of Faculty of Management can apply for a double degree programme at the respective institutions. Benefits for students are multiple:

  • experience different cultures, business environment and learning approach;
  • develop fluency in English;
  • international classroom experience;
  • take part in interniship abroad;
  • no tuition fee in partner institution;
  • gain different academic and work related international experience.

Please note: a double degree programme can be highly demanding as it is performed in English. We recommend that only highly motivated and academically proficient students take part in this programme.


Students currently enrolled in second year of a undergraduate study programme who have a minimum GPA 8 and are proficient in English language. The student must have all finished all exams before leaving for the third year of studies. 


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