Master in Economics and Finance

International master programme in Economics and Finance is a modern and dynamic study program. Graduates will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and solve microeconomic and financial problems from the business world, as well as macroeconomic challenges in the national economy as a whole. The study offers a range of professional knowledge and practical skills for the realization of business ideas, strategic organization, and management of companies or public institutions. The programme is designed to educate and train students for planning, implementing, and coordinating highly demanding project tasks in organizations, prepare them for research activities, and interdisciplinary problem-solving, and provide them with mathematical and statistical tools for economic analyses.



Students will be able to compete in the global labour market and confidently enter the world of economy and finance to contribute to society's growth and well-being.



The programme is delivered by distinguished professors from Slovenia and abroad. The programme provides practice on real-life challenges as well as research projects in the sector.


Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
ECTS: 120
Level of qualification: Slovenian Qualifications Framework (SQF): 8, European Qualifications Framework (EQF): 7, European Higher Education Qualifications Framework (EHEQF): second cycle   
 24 courses (18 core courses, 6 elective courses), professional development work and practice, research work and thesis
Degree awarded: magister/magistrica ekonomije eqiv. to Master of arts (M.A.)
Language of the programme: English  
Location: Koper
Tuition: se link Tuition and fees
Programme director: assoc. prof. dr. Suzana Laporšek (

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