Master in Political Science - international relations and economic diplomacy

The international master's program in political science is a modern and dynamic study program, where students can choose between two study modules – International relations and Economic Diplomacy. 
The module International Relations; graduates from the module International Relations will obtain knowledge and skills related to past and current political phenomena, with an emphasis on understanding global affairs and the international political environment.  
The module Economic diplomacy; the programme provides graduates with a unique set of skills preparing them for the global diplomatic environment. Graduates will be able to understand and participate in the field of international trade, conduct international negotiations and operate within an international diplomatic context. 
Students from both modules will be able to compete in the global labour market and confidently enter the world of international relations and diplomacy to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the global society. 
The programme is delivered by distinguished professors in the sector from Slovenia and abroad. The programme provides practice on real-life challenges as well as research projects in the sector. 



Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Level of qualification: Slovenian Qualifications Framework (SQF): 8, European Qualifications Framework (EQF): 7, European Higher Education Qualifications Framework (EHEQF): second cycle 
ECTS: 120 – Students are required to complete a 60 ECTS workload per Academic Year as shown in the course structure leading to a total of 120 ECTS to graduation.
Structure: 1 Year - 8 core courses, practical work, research methodology, 2 elective courses, Year 2 - 2 modules (international relations, economic diplomacy), elective courses, master thesis
Mode of study: part-time
Degree awarded: magister/magistrica politologije eqiv. to Master of arts (M.A)
Language of the program: English
Location: Koper
Tuition: tuition fee for one academic year is 5.000,00 EUR, for more information see link Tuition and fees
Programme director: assist. prof. dr. Primož Šterbenc

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