Recognition of foreign education


Candidates for enrollment in study programmes of the Faculty of Management, who have partially or completely obtained previous education abroad and have a foreign certificate, diploma or other document, must obtain a decision on recognition of foreign education for the purpose of continuing education in the Republic of Slovenia.

The candidate submits the application by filling in the APPLICATION FOR RECOGNITION OF EDUCATION for the purpose of continuing education together with the APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENT on the eVŠ portal. When filling in the application for enrollment, it is necessary to indicate on the application that the candidate has completed previous education abroad and does not yet have a decision on the recognition of education. In such a case, the candidate fills in the information necessary for the beginning of the procedure for the recognition of foreign education in the application form, and the application must also be accompanied by the documents necessary for the implementation of the procedure.

Candidates who already have a decision on recognition or nostrification shall submit the decision together with other evidence specified in the call for enrolment.


Please note: The candidate submits all the documents for enrollment and recognition of foreign education in electronic form on the e-VŠ portal

Following documents must be submitted electronically as attachments to the application:

  1. A copy of the original document on completed education (high school certificate or diploma document), which the candidate wants to be recognized in the process recognition of foreign education for continuing education in the Republic of Slovenia  - the document does not need to be legalized - the authenticity of the document will be checked with the issuing institution.
  2. Translation of a document on education: a copy of a translation into Slovene or English by a licenced translator - obligatory only if the document is not in Slovene, Italian, Croatian or English.
  3. Proof of content and duration and completed obligations during education - for enrollment in undergraduate programmes, certificates of all high school years, for enrollment in postgraduate programmes, certificate of passed exams or diploma supplement, which should also include GPA.
  4. Translation of the evidence referred to in point 3 into Slovenian, if not issued in Italian, Croatian or English. The translation must be done by a licenced translator.
  5. A short chronological description of the entire education prepared by the candidate - mandatory document ( use the form in this link ).
  6. Copy of identity document - personal data page: citizens of EU Member States submit a copy of an identity card or passport, citizens of non-EU countries submit a copy of a passport.

The authorized person conducting the process of recognition of foreing education may request that the applicant submit additional evidence, if these are necessary for the assessment of the application.

Temporary displaced perosons or refugees who can not submit above documents will receive instructions for submitting neccessary information and will be invited for an interview.


If the university or faculty is unable to obtain a certificate of authenticity from the issuing institution of the document, the candidate will be asked to submit an original document that is properly legalized according to the legislation of country of origin.

Certificates issued in the countries listed below do not need to be legalized
                                                                                                            Countries for which an Apostille is required                                
Law on Legalization of Documents in International Traffic
  • Republic of Austria
  • Republic of Bolgaria
  • Republic of Bosna in Hercegovina
  • Czech republic
  • France
  • Greece
  • Republic of Croatia
  • Republic of Hungary
  • Republic of Romania
  • Republic of Northern Macedonia
  • Republic of Serbia


Contracting Parties to the Hague Convention:


Competent authorities for legalization:





All other countries 


Information for candidates enrolling into 1st Year of 1st cycle (undergraduate) programmes:

Tanja Sanabor


More information on recognition of foreign education for candidates enrolling as transfer students 2nd or 3rd Year of 1st cycle (undergraduate) programmes and in 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle programmes can be obtained by email to 


Certificates that do not require recognition

Certificates from the former Yugoslav republics obtained before 25 June 1991 do not need to be recognized.

International Baccalaureate (IB) certificates are equivalent to matura certificates obtained in the Republic of Slovenia and do not require recognition.



Please note! If the holder of a foreign certificate or diploma is a minor, the applicant shall be his/her legal guardian. If the holder of a foreign certificate or diploma or his/her legal guardian has granted a power of attorney, the applicant shall be the individual given the power of attorney.


In accordance with the decision of the UP Senate, foreign citizens who enroll in a 1st or 2nd cycle study programme in Slovenian language at the University of Primorska must pass the Slovenian language exam at the basic level, usually by the beginning of the academic year in which they enroll. In cases when it is not possible to take the Slovene language exam due to application-admission procedures or other reasons, they must pass the exam until enrollment in the 2nd year.

Updated on February 1 2022

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