About the programme

  • understanding theories and concepts in the fields of business planning, organizing, leading and controlling companies and other organizations
  • critical thinking and analytic solving of problems, independence and business development, innovativeness
  • understanding political, social and cultural environment in which companies and organization in Slovenia, and abroad, operate
  • leading teams and manage companies at a middle management position
  • developing lifelong learning skills and continuing study at master level


Graduates will:

  • Understand and evaluate the business environment of the organisation (understand the social, economic and political circumstances of the business environment, identify the current socio-economic problems and consequences; understand economic systems, processes, causes and consequences; know, interprete and apply main theories and concepts)

  • Manage business processes and systems (plan, organise, manage, monitor processes and resources for achieving goals in profit and non-profit organizations, apply theoretical knowledge and use problem solving tools, process analysis, innovative operation, understand, interprete and analyse complex business issues)

  • Communicate effectively (work and communicate in the international business environment in Slovene and English, master communication and rhetorical abilities and skills, ability to present data and information, argument their own positions and take into account the views of others)

  • Manage use of information technology (use modern tools to support decision-making in business practice, search, prepare and present information)

  • Manage own work and interpersonal relationships (operate within independent and team work, take responsibility for own work or teamwork, demonstrate team management skills, exercise initiative and collegiality to co-workers)

  • Show social responsibility and ethics (understan fundamental ethical principles and socially responsible behaviour, understand wider, ethical and moral framework of the economic environment, and successfully respond to challenges or issues that remain within the framework of economic and business ethics, critical, reflective and innovative action and cooperation with the environment)

  • Demonstrate autonomous professional work (search and use of various sources, independent use of knowledge of economic and financial theory and analysis in practice, use of research methods)


Graduates are employable in middle management as experts in the field of marketing, human resources management, accounting, as well as advisers with job opportunities in banking, financial services, the commercial sector, health care, public administration, service industries, and non-profit organizations. In addition, graduates are able to embark on challenging entrepreneurial careers or other occupations requiring independent professional work.

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