Academic progress and graduation

For students enrolled in the 1st year or higher year up to and including 2018/2019

The student advances to the 2nd year when he/she completes academic obligations of  at least 42 ECTS of the 1st Year, and to the 3rd Year when he completes 42 ECTS of the 2nd year and all obligations from 1st Year. By progressing, repeating or extending final year of studies, the student retains the student status and thus the rights determined by law. The student may apply for an extension of the student status, but for a maximum of one year.


For students enrolled in the 1st year from 2019/2020

The student advances to the 2nd year if he / she completes academic obligations of at least 51 ECTS of the 1st year.

The student advances to the 3rd year if he / she completes all academic obligations of the 1st year and completes academic obligations of the 2nd year in the amount of at least 51 ECTS.


A full-time student may repeat the 1st or 2nd year once if he/she have completed at least 30 ECTS of the current year. As a rule it is not possible to repeat the third (final) year. The student may however extend the status for one year after final year to fulfill missing obligations. 


Please note: A student who does not meet the conditions for continuing the studies or does not repeat the year, automatically become an unregistered student. The student loses all rights related to a student status. The student has the right to re-enter exams in the first year after losing his status. In specific cases the student will need to pay to sit re-entering exams. 

If the unregistered student intends to pursue his studies after two or more years an application for continuation of studies must be submitted. In this case, the faculty may impose additional obligations to complete the studies.


Students graduate when they complete all of the study programme academic obligations (180 ECTS); pass all courses and skills workshops and prepare and defend a bachelor thesis (students enrolled up to and including 2018/2019). After writing and presenting the bachelor thesis, students are eligible to graduate and receive their diploma certificates at the next graduation ceremony.

Students enrolled in the programme from 2019/2020 can choose between bachelor thesis and bachelor exam as their final obligation. 



Students enrolled in undergraduate programmes for which the UP FM Senate has adopted major changes in the structure and content of the programme (changes of the curriculum) may complete the study programme in which they are enrolled and have regularly progressed to the final year (according to the curriculum valid at the time of enrollment) within three years of the last delivery of the final year.

In accordance with this decision of the UP FM Senate, students enrolled in the academic bachelor´s programme fromacademic year 2013/2014 to 2018/2019  can complete their studies according to this curriculum no later than 30 September 2024!


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