Master programme in Economics and Finance

This programme is designed to educate and train students for planning, implementing and coordinating highly demanding project tasks in organizations, prepare them for research activities, interdisciplinary problem-solving, as well as to provide them with mathematical and statistical tools for economic analyses.
  • two years (4 semesters)


  • 120


  • 25 courses (19 core courses, 6 elective courses),
  • professional work and practice,
  • research work, 
  • thesis.

Degree awarded

  • magister/magistrica ekonomije equiv. to Master in economics (M.A.)

Language of the programme

  • Slovenian, English


Graduates will develope these competencies:
  • understand the economic, financial and institutional environment of an organisation, and the ability to analyse that environment;
  •  independent use of knowledge of economic and financial theory and analysis in practice;
  • analyse the consequences of change in an organisation on its economic environment and consequences of change in the economic environment on an organisation;
  • analyse the consequences of structural, regional and international activities on an organisation and also on its wider environment;
  • manage more complex research methods in order to study the effects of economic phenomena;
  • to understand the wider, ethical and moral framework of the economic environment and successfully deliver solutions to challenges and/or posed questions through co-operation and group work, which remains within the framework of economic and business ethics;
  • design and critically address bold and innovative ideas from the business field and (co-) operation of organisations in both national and international economic environments.


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