Master programme in Management

This programme is designed to educate experts in the area of management who will have extensive business, organizational and managerial knowledge enabling them to critically understand the political, economic, cultural, social, legal and technological environments in which organizations operate on national and international level, as well as to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to real life situations.


  • 2 years (4 semesters) 


  • 120


  • 15 courses (10 core courses, 8 elective modules/ 3 courses, 2 elective courses),
  • thesis.

Degree awarded

  • magister/ magistrica managementa eqiv. to Master in management (M.A.)

Language of the program

  • Slovenian, English


Graduates will develop competences, such as:
  • understand the development of management theory,
  • conduct research, development and operative activities, as well as entrepreneurial plans in large, medium and small-sized organizations,
  • planning, organizing, leading and supervising organizational operations,
  • introduce solutions and draw up development plans for organisations by applying scientific methods and approaches, as well as by effectively using up-to-date information and communication technology,
  • use research methods, procedures and processes,
  • critically assess and analyze professional problems and their possible solutions,
  • use communication skills, an independent approach and team-work aptitude and master specialized terminology applying to their area of expertise.

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