Master in Political Science

  • 2 years (4 semesters)


  • 120


  • 8 core courses, 2 electives (Year 1),
  • 2 modules, elective courses, thesis (Year 2)

Degree awarded 

  • magister/ magistrica politologije (mag. pol.) equiv. to Master in Political Sciences

Language of the program

  • Slovenian


Our graduates will:
  • acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of political concepts and phenomena, be able to connect them with scientific fields, the economy and the artistic creativity and cultural sphere, and will be able to effectively apply the acquired knowledge;
  • be able to independently do research, professional and development work in the fields of social sciences and humanities, and connected them with art and natural sciences;
  • be able to globally and locally analyse social, cultural, artistic and political problem areas and professional and scientific connections, and independently present them;
  • be able to overcome stereotypical thinking in subject areas and other fields (e. g. overcoming religious and gender stereotypes and stereotypes about “other” worlds’ politico-cultural contexts);
  • be able to publicly communicate, organize, assess and decide in contexts that surpass the field of activity (the ability to recognize inequality and discrimination and act in such cases, and operate in the fields of conflict resolving, intercultural understanding etc.);
  • on a professional basis, be able to realistically face different positions and be able to confidently represent or relativize their own viewpoint (intercultural competences);
  • develop teamwork and project work skills and the skills necessary to communicate the results to the interested stakeholders;
  • develop writing, reading and studying skills necessary to tackle difficult and complex texts – in classical languages as well;
  • be able to plan, organize and realize cultural, artistic, social and political events and happenings.

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