Master programme in Management of Sustainable Development

This programme trains students to be policy makers of sustainable development in the community and/or companies, including various development aspects and components: economic, environmental with spatial and social with development components that are leading to new perspectives methods of behavior.
The programme is held in Slovenian language only. More information about the programme here.


  • 2 years (4 semesters)


  • 120


  • 14 core courses (11 core courses, 3 elective courses)
  • thesis.

Degree awarded

  • magister/ magistrica upravljanja trajnostnega razvoja (eqiv. to Master in sustainable development management)

Language of the programme

  • Slovenian


Graduates will develop competencies:
  • ability to analyze, synthesize and predict solutions and consequences of phenomenon’s in the field of environmentally-friendly organization policy and technology solutions,
  • capacity of critical self-assessment,
  • applying acquired knowledge and skills in practice,
  • professional work and decision making autonomy,
  • group and team work (also in the international social environment), to accept and respect constructive criticism and comments with tolerance,
  • communication abilities and skills,
  • professional ethics comitment,
  • use interdisciplinary theories in practice.

Graduates will be able to understand wider social and natural environment, globalization processes and sustainable development needs, to assess technological solutions for sustainable development needs and to solve current climatic, social and economic issues with practical experience.

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