Master programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This programme is designed to identify opportunities and to translate promising ideas to either launch a new firm, start up or spinoff or to expand an existing business venture. Help students to create an innovative and creative working environment and provide students with the knowledge, skills and tools for entrepreneurial decision-making, new product development and execution strategies.


  • 2 years (4 semesters)


  • 120


  • 11 courses (8 core courses, 3 elective courses)
  • professional development portfolio,
  • thesis.

Degree awarded

  • magister/magistrica inoviranja in podjetništva (eqiv. to Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Language of the programme

  • Slovenian


Graduates will develop competencies
  • a critical understanding of the theories, processes and behaviours underpinning entrepreneurship and innovation
  • a critical understanding of how organisations in a range of contexts build value through the application of entrepreneurial and innovative practices,
  • the ability to design creative strategies for pursuing and exploiting new opportunities,
  • appreciation of the issues associated with securing and managing financial resources in new and established organisations,
  • experience around the opportunities and challenges of starting up (or spinning off) a new venture or pursuing new avenues within an existing organization,
  • knowledge and skills required to be a highly competent entrepreneur who can also lead and support innovation across a range of different sectors and organisational context.

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