Master programme in Law for management

This study programme provides upgraded legal knowledge from the field law to managers needed for efficient management and administration of organizations or their parts. Usually legal knowledge of first-level graduates in business, economic and other sciences is not sufficient and must be upgraded and deepened.
The programme is held in Slovenian language only. More information about the programme here.


  • 2 years (4 semesters)


  • 120


  • 14 courses (11 core courses, 3 elective courses),
  • thesis.

Degree awarded

  • magister/ magistrica prava za management eqiv. to Master in law for management (M.A.)

Language of the programme

  • Slovenian


Graduates will develope these competencies:
  • decide about and solve demanding legal questions related to management;
  • form high-quality legal relations;
  • master and manage demanding corporate and public law contents in practice,
  • foresee and master risks;
  • perform a high-quality practice analysis and synthesize comparison law sources of corporate and law management;
  • work independently and creatively and master demanding professional tasks;
  • communicate in relation to corporate and public law contents;
  • perform professional development work in the field of corporate and public law by mastering adequate methods of scientific research;
  • critically asses social developments in the fields of corporate and public management law;
  • efficient use skills of legal argumentation and synthesis.

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