Proceedings of the 31st Annual ATEE Conference

Professional Challenges
for School Effectivenes
and Improvement
in the Era of Accountability

Proceedings of the
20st Annual World ICSEI Congress

3–6 January 2007
Convention Center Bernardin
Portorož, Slovenia

National School for Leadership in Education
University of Primorska, Faculty of Management Koper

Edited by Mateja Brejc
Published by the National School for Leadership in Education
Župančičeva 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana, and
Faculty of Management Koper,
Cankarjeva 5, 6104 Koper

ISBN 978-961-6573-65-8

Andrej Koren
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ICSEI's Mission
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ICSEI 2007 Comittees
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School Leadership and Accountability: Moving beyond Standardization of Practice
Jorunn Moller
Full Text

Learning to Improve or Improving Learning: The Dilemma of Teacher Continuing Professional Development
Judyth Sachs
Full Text

Challenges and Critique of Efficiency
Tonči Ante Kuzmanić
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School Leadership: Fundamentalistic Beliefs or Critical Reflection?
Lejf Moos
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What a Waste of Money!
Joanna Bragg and Bill Boyle
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Innovation Projects as an Element of Slovenian School Practice Modernisation
Natalija Komljanc, Franc Cankar, Tom Majer, and Gregor Mohorčič
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The Role of Interprofessional Collaboration as a Strategy for Raising Standards in Urban Contexts: the Extended Schools Policy
Daniel Muijs
Full Text

Improving Failing Schools: Towards a Research Based Model
Daniel Muijs
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Teaching, Leadership and School Culture: From Loose to Tight Couplings
Steen Beck and Lars Frode Frederiksen
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The Motivation of Educational Institutions for Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning
Doris Gomezelj Omerzel and Nada Trunk Širca
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The Development of the Lao PDR School Self Evaluation Tool
Peter Grimes, Khomvanh Sayarath, and Sithath Outhaithany
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Proposal for the Algorithm Design’s Didactic
Beatriz Dolores Guardian Soto
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Researching What Works’ in Boys’ Education: Teachers Take the Lead
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young and Greg Neal
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Leader Accountability for School Financial Management
Tatjana Horvat
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Student Workload: Student or Teacher Responsibility: Case Study in Higher Education, Slovenia
Jasna Kržin Stepišnik, Olga Kolar, Nada Trunk Širca, and Dušan Lesjak
Full Text

Self-Evaluation in the System of Quality Assessment and Assurance in Slovenia
Nada Požar Matijašič and Mateja Gajgar
Full Text

Adaptive Education and Adapting Schools in Hungary: Lessons Learned from a Successful 3 Years Hungarian-Dutch Co-Operation
Mária Bognár
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Developing a Network of Teacher Researchers to Build Capacity Within a Department, Across a School and Within a Local Authority
Julie Roberts
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Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development: A New Approach
Jo Rose and David Reynolds
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Learning and Leading in Communities of Practice
Lars Aage Rotvold and Siw Skrovset
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Overview of Implementing International Pedagogical Standards of Excellence
Sonja Rutar
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Constructivistic Perpective on Autonomy and Accountability
Arthur Shapiro and Andrej Koren
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How to Match Internal and External Evaluation? Conceptual Reflections from a Flemish Perspective
Jan Vanhoof and Peter Van Petegem
Full Text

Variability Analysis for Effectiveness and Improvement in Classrooms and Schools in Upper Secondary Education in Slovenia: Assessment of/for Learning Analytic Tool
Darko Zupanc, Matjaž Urank, and Matevž Bren
Full Text

Self Evaluation and Action Research: The Path towards Greater Quality
Renata Zupanc Grom and Cvetka Bizjak
Full Text

School Autonomy and Responsibility in New Secondary VET Programmes
Breda Zupanc and Metka Zevnik
Full Text

Implementing a New Approach in Teaching and Learning (Problem-Based Learning) in a Higher Education Learning Organization
Dubravka Celinšek and Mirko Markič
Full Text

Hana Feels Good at School: An Example of Good Teaching Practice in Integrating a Girl with Sotos Syndrome into Primary School
Marija Klančišar, Marta Kocjančič, Tatjana Lazar, and Natalija Panič
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