Managing Global Transitions

Volume 11 · Number 1 · Spring 2013 · ISSN 1854-6935

Social Entrepreneurship in an Emerging Economy: A Focus on the Institutional Environment and Social Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy
Boris Urban
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The Impact of Social Responsibility Vision and Strategy on Successful Corporate Operations
Anton Peršič and Mirko Markič
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A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Gender Differences within the African Business Environment
Herman Linde, Renjini Alex, Felicity van Vrede, Werner Havenga, and Jan C. Visagie
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Brand Identity Development and the Role of Marketing Communications: Brand Experts' View
Nusa Petek in Maja Konečnik Ruzzier
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The Effectiveness of Dual Branding in the Agricultural Sector
Christo A. Bisschoff and Hendrik P. Van Staaden
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