Managing Global Transitions

Volume 11 · Number 2 · Summer 2013 · ISSN 1854-6935

Managing Transformation with Creativity:
An Introduction to the Thematic Issue

Doris Gomezelj Omerzel and Bojan Nastav
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Transition to Sustainable Employment:
Using Backcasting Technique for Designing Policies

Alexandra Köves, Gábor Király, György Pataki, and Bálint Balázs
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The Innovative Power of (Industrial) Commons in Managing Creativity
to Support Network-Economics

Eva Gatarik and Rainer Born
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Intrapreneurship, Competition and Company Efficiency
Jože Kocjančič and Štefan Bojnec
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Talents, Creativity and Innovation in Austria and the Czech Republic:
A Cross-Border Empirical Investigation

Barbara Ehrenstorfer, Tanja Peherstorfer, and Jan Nový
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Creation of Sustainable Leadership Development:
Conceptual Model Validation

Judita Peterlin, Vlado Dimovski, and Sandra Penger
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