Managing Global Transitions

Volume 11 · Number 3 · Fall 2013 · ISSN 1854-6935

Is Foreign Aid Panacea for African Problems?
The Case of Namibia

Ravinder Rena
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Environmental Management Practices and Firm Performance in a South African Mining Firm
Gibson Nyirenda, Collins C. Ngwakwe, and Cosmas M. Ambe
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India’s Leather and Manufactures Export in the Scenario of WTO:
An Analysis Trend and Structural Shift

Shrabanti Maity
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Forecasting Employees’ Success at Work in Banking:
Could Psychological Testing Be Used as the Crystal Ball?

Mirjana Pejić Bach, Natalija Šimić, and Marjana Merkač
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Using the Cultural Dimension and Accounting Value Classification Frameworks to Investigate Cultural Diversity in a Multi-National South African-Based Company
Stefan Stander, Pieter Buys, and Merwe Oberholzer
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