Managing Global Transitions

Volume 12 · Number 1 · Spring 2014 · ISSN 1854-6935

Barriers Preventing Food Security in Israel, 2050
Efrat Hadas and Yoav Gal
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Preferences for Physical and Virtual Retail Formats Choice: The Case of Polish Consumers
Radosław Macik, Dorota Macik, and Monika Nalewajek
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The Role of Information Asymmetry in Financing Methods
Mahdi Salehi, Vahab Rostami, and Hamid Hesari
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Estimating WACC for Regulated Industries on Developing Financial Markets and in Times of Market Uncertainty
Igor Stubelj, Primož Dolenc, and Mateja Jerman
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Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Logistics throughout Horizontal Cooperation
Raúl León and Angel A. Juan
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