Managing Global Transitions

Volume 13 · Number 2 · Summer 2015 · ISSN 1854-6935

Guest Editors: Piotr Trąpczyński and Łukasz Puślecki

The aim of this issue of the Managing Global Transitions journal is to provide a contribution to exploring one of the key aspects related to the journal's positioning, expressed in its very title: transition. In fact, the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), its economies and firms have undergone significant changes since the 1990s. Internationalisation has been both one of the key drivers of this process, and a symptom thereof. A wave of privatisation opportunities, as well as large consumer markets with comparative cost advantages have attracted multinational enterprises to the region. At the same time, however, the region itself has been a source of a new breed of multinationals. While the transition process per se has gradually been losing on interest amongst CEE-related international business studies, there is still significant economic diversity of (post-) transition economies and firms. This allows exploring both the specificity of the region's emerging multinational firms and their motives and strategies, as well as the importance of the region from the perspective of MNEs defining their regional value chains.

The present issue is a collection of contributions submitted to the international conference focused around international business in the CEE region entitled ‘Competitiveness of the CEE Region in the Global Economy,’ organised by the CEE Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB-CEE) in Budapest on 9–11 October 2014. The papers belong to two overall categories. The first one revolves around determinants of outward and inward FDI from and into the CEE region, whereby the studies link FDI to firm competitiveness. This latter concept is also a leading motive of the second part of this issue, whereby different aspects of the international competitiveness of modern MNEs are discussed, with a specific focus on inter-firm cooperation and the concept of structural power.

Internationalisation of the CEE Region: An Introduction to the Thematic Issue
Łukasz Puślecki and Piotr Trąpczyński
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Establishment Mode Choices of Emerging Multinationals:
Evidence from Poland

Marian Gorynia, Jan Nowak, Piotr Trąpczyński, and Radosław Wolniak
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Does Location Really Matter? The Influence of the FDI Location on Enterprise Competitiveness: The Evidence from Polish Enterprises
Małgorzata Szałucka
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Human Capital and FDI in Central and Eastern Europe
Agnieszka Dorożyńska and Tomasz Dorożyński
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New Cooperation Modes: An Opportunity for Polish Biotechnological Clusters
Łukasz Puślecki and Michał Staszków
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The Structural Power of Enterprises: Beyond the Notion of Market Power
Magdalena Sliwinska
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