Managing Global Transitions

Volume 14 · Number 2 · Summer 2016 · ISSN 1854-6935

Asymmetric Convergence in Globalization? Findings from a Disaggregated Analysis
Paschalis Arvanitidis, Christos Kollias, and Petros Messis
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Bilateral Trade and SEE–Eurozone Countries Growth Rate Alignment
Valerija Botrić and Tanja Broz
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Financial Development and Shadow Economy in European Union Transition Economies
Yilmaz Bayar and Omer Faruk Ozturk
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The Influence of Leadership Factors on the Implementation of iso 14001 in Organizations
Nastja Tomšič, Mirko Markič, and Štefan Bojnec
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Trust and Product/Sellers Reviews as Factors Influencing Online Product Comparison Sites Usage by Young Consumers
Radosław Macik and Dorota Macik
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