Managing Global Transitions

Volume 1 · Number 2 · Fall 2003 · ISSN 1581-6311 (printed) 1854-6935 (online)

The Editor's Corner
Anita Trnavčevič
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Competition and Oligopoly: A Case of UK Grocery Retailing
Kevin A. Lawler and Chih-Cheng Yang

In this paper we develop a model of Bertrand price competition with uncertainty as to the number of bidders. The auction models predict retail price dispersion as an observable feature of price discrimination. The implications of the auction models are tested using a logit model on primary data. Some simulations of the logit model further enrich and capture critical states of chain-store rivalry. The findings show that consumer characteristics define type of store choice and that an auction model of price competition with uncertainty is an appropriate way to model retail grocery competition.
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Demand Functions for Services of Public Railway Passenger Transportation: An Empirical Analysis for Slovenia
Jani Bekő

The paper deals with the estimation of demand functions for services of public railway passenger transportation in the case of Slovenia. Six demand functions were selected and separately interpreted. The aggregate values of demand elasticities reported in this paper suggest that the railway passenger demand is price and income inelastic. Coefficients of income elasticity below unity show that the services of railway passenger transportation in Slovenia can be classified among normal goods. A hypothetical increase in average real fares leads to a percentage decrease in the number of passengers travelling by rail that is smaller than the percentage increase in fares. The estimated price elasticities imply that, in the short run, there is potential for improving revenues of the railway operator by increasing average real fares.
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Analysis of the Nature of Economic Growth of Slovenian Economy
Matjaž Novak

The aim of this article is to outline the economic growth for the Slovenian economy between 1992--2001. Our major interest is the nature of the past growth. Was it intensive or extensive? On the basis of four groups of different arguments we were expecting that there would be a predominantly extensive economic growth. In order to answer this question we developed an empirical study, which follows the conventional neo-classical growth accounting framework. First we estimated three mathematical specifications of aggregate production functions. The analysis was than conducted through an econometric analysis of these estimates. Using these results we developed the growth accounting equation, which allowed us to compute the contributions of each particular input (physical capital, human capital and technical progress) to output growth. On base of our received empirical results we are able to state, that the past economic growth of the Slovenian economy was significantly extensive.
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The Yokes of Gender and Class: The Policy Reforms and Implications for Equitable Access to Education in Kenya
Njoki Nathani Wane and Wambui T. Gathenya

Kenya, a former British colony, attained its political independence in 1963. Despite its political independence, Kenya inherited a colonial education system that was based on segregation and exclusion because of race, culture, class, and gender. This is a qualitative analysis examining the education system in Kenya. In the analysis, we explore gender and class barriers that may inhibit education for women in Kenya. We review existing secondary literature on policy documents; reflect on our experiences and observations; and also reflect on interviews with Njeri and Nyokavi, who live in the 21st century ‘post-colonial’ Kenya. As Kenyan women from subsistence-farming backgrounds, we, the authors, seemed destined to remain at the very bottom of the hierarchical education structure established during the colonial period. We explore the impact of contemporary, globally and locally mandated education policy reforms and emerging social service provision partnerships. These are often packaged as policy reforms and viable strategies of a just, equitable, and fair distribution of opportunities for all, meant to correct the colonial disparities. Our arguments are informed by the system's discursive framework (Wane 2000b) and the anti-colonial discursive framework (Amadiume 1989, 1997; Dei 1999, 2000; Oyewumi 1997; Wane 2002). The analysis authenticates that, since independence, Kenya has realized tremendous educational growth at all levels. However, such educational reforms have resulted in the exclusion of many children who are from low socio-economic groups, in essence replacing the racial segregation of the colonial system with cultural and class-based inequities of the post-colonial society.
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Unexpected Learning by Neophyte Principals: Factors Related to Success of First Year Principals in Schools
Keith Walker, Kirk Anderson, Larry Sackney, and Jeff Woolf

This paper reports the findings related to the International Beginning Principals study, which examined factors perceived by first year principals to both complicate, and account for, first year principalship successes in rural jurisdictions. Specifically, for this paper we deal with factors seen as significant in establishing oneself as a first time principal in a rural Canadian school. The general findings from this study centred on training and experience related to administration of schools. Many first time principals in rural schools had limited specific preparation for the principalship, or other related administrative roles such as the vice principalship. Such findings have taken on more importance in the last several years as school districts find it increasingly difficult to recruit principals for smaller rural schools.
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Reflections, Comments, Discussions

Reflections on ‘Management of Global Transitions’
Alan Anov
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