Managing Global Transitions

Volume 9 · Number 4 · Winter 2011 · ISSN 1581-6311 (printed) 1854-6935 (online)

Determinants of Science-Based Cooperation: Evidence in a Sample of Small and Micro Firms
Mireia Fernández-Ardevol and Josep Lladós Masllorens
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Knowledge Resources and Competitive Advantage
Doris Gomezelj Omerzel and Rune Ellemose Gulev
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The Effects of Consumer Cosmopolitanism on Purchase Behavior of Foreign vs. Domestic Products
Oliver Parts and Irena Vida
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The Impact of Capital Structure on Profitability with Special Reference to IT Industry in India
Ramachandran Azhagaiah and Candasamy Gavoury
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Vertical Integration in the Taiwan Aquaculture Industry
Tzong-Ru Lee (Jiun-Shen), Yi-Hsu, Cheng-Jen Lin, Kongkiti Phusavat, and Nirote Sinnarong
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