Management · Volume 7 · Number 1 · Spring 2012 · ISSN 1854-4231

An Empirical Investigation to Analyze the Brand Equity and Resonance of Banking Services: Evidence from India
Vikas Gautam and Mukund Kumar
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Human Resource Evaluation in Hotel Units
George Aspridis and Dimitrios Kyriakou
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A Comparative Study of Cognitive Schemas of HRM During Economic Crisis in Two Slovenian Sectors
Ana Arzenšek
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The Effect of Trained Principals on the Professional (Self) Development of Employees
Hariz Agić
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A Research of Critical Factors in the Cloud Service Approach
Heli Nevala, Christina Ollila-Tĺg, Pia Pitkäkoski, Josu Takala, and Jari Toivola
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